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The culinary delights of the Swabian and Baden region!

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Culinary delights for lovers of good food!

The culinary delights of the Swabian and Baden region are reason enough to pay the Neckar Valley a visit. In almost every town or village you'll find the unique Baden-Württemberg's culinary delights. In our region you'll find numerous gourmet restaurants with Michelin stars. For lovers of good food, superb wines and local beers - to try the local cuisine is an absolute must!
Have you ever heard about the Swabian Maultaschen? Did you know that a Zwiebelrostbraten is a meat dish? Have you ever tried the Trollinger or a traditional Wheat Beer?

The Swabian Cuisine

Typical Sunday dinner

Swabian Zwiebelrostbraten with Spätzle

Swabian Maultaschen (pasta pockets) are known as a delicacy of Swabian cuisine. They are made with a noodle dough generally filled with minced meat, smoked meat, spinach, and onions and flavoured with various herbs and spices. They are looking similar to the Italian ravioli but much larger. In 2009, the European Union recognized Maultaschen as a regional specialty and remarked that the dish is significant to the cultural heritage of Baden-Württemberg. According to a popular legend, the noodle pouches originated in the 17th century by the Cistercians of the Maulbronn Cloister. Today you'll find this delicacy on almost every menu card in Baden-Württemberg. They are either served in a soup or are sautéed in butter, whole or in pieces.

The Swabian Zwiebelrostbraten is a roast beef with fried onions and is regarded as Sunday dinner. It's a traditional dish of the Swabian cuisine and often served with Spätzle.

Lentils with Spätzle (Linsen mit Spätzle) are normally accompanied with Wiener sausages (Swabian: Saitenwurst) and are considered as the Swabian national meal. The dish originated as a meal for the poor. Today it's a hearty dish and is served in every traditional Swabian restaurant.

Spätzle are a type of egg noodles. This Swabian noodles are a typical dish in Baden-Württemberg. They can be eaten to accompany a main course (Zwieblrostbraten or other meat) or can themselves be a main course. For example Käsespätzle: Spätzle mixed with grated cheese and fried onion, a very hearty dish.

The Palatine Cuisine

The Palatine cuisine is considered one of the best in Germany. The region of Baden has the highest regional concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants. The (Badische Schneckensuppe) snail soup is a traditional dish of Baden's cuisine. Ingredients are snails and shallots.

Schäufele (pork's shoulder meat) is a traditional dish from Baden. The meat is cured and smoked before it is simmered in a broth. Schäufele are mostly served with potato salad or sauerkraut.

Specialties from Baden-Württemberg.

Beer If you visit Baden-Württemberg, the best thing you can do is to ask for a local beer. There are a lot of fantastic breweries all over the country, which make unique beer that can only be found in Baden-Württemberg and nearby areas. There are more than 170 breweries in our state producing beer in mostly regional styles. Beer is a major part of our culture and you will find a big varity of beer festivals all over Germany.

Wine & vineyards Some of the vineyards on the Neckar are dating back to the times of the Roman era. Archeological findings indicate that the first people grow grapes on the Neckar were the Romans. In the Middle Ages wine-making was an important industry in the region. With about 11.500 hectares under vine, Württemberg is Germany's fourth largest wine region. The region's signature grape is the red wine grape Trollinger.