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Welcome to the Neckar valley in Germany.

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The four castles of Neckarsteinach.

The town of Neckarsteinach lies 15 km east of Heidelberg. The town is well-known for its four castles, which stand on crags or the slope leading down to the Neckar. All castles were built between the 12th and 13th century. They are called Front Castle, Middle Castle, Back Castle and Swallows’ Nest.

The castle ruins Schadeck

The "Swallow's Nest"

Schadeck Castle, also called Swallow's Nest is the smallest of the four Neckarsteinach castles. Swallow's Nest can be viewed at any time free of charge. You'll reach the ruins by a steep serpentine path from the Neckar.

Front and Middle Castle in Neckarsteinach.

The Front & Middle Castle

The Middle Castle (Mittelburg) and Front Castle (Vorderburg) are not not accessible to the public. The bailey of the Middle Castle can be viewed. They are still inhabited by the barons of Warsberg.
The Back Castle (Hinterburg) is the ancestral castle of the barons of Steinach. The ruins can be viewed at anytime free of charge. From the tower you'll have an outstandig view over the river Neckar.

The Back Castle

Erected about 1100