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Heidelberg Castle

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The castle in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg's most important cultural monument

The Heidelberg Castle is one of Baden-Württembergs most important cultural monuments. The ruins of Heidelberg Castle are nestled on the Königstuhl, 300 feet above the city.

The castle of Heidelberg

Kornmarkt (Corn Market)

View to Heidelberg Castle.

The Heidelberg Castle is one of the most famous ruins in Germany and the landmark of Heidelberg city. Up until its destruction in the Palatine War of Succession, it was the residence of the Elector of the Palatine. After the destruction caused by the soldiers of Louis XIV in 1689 and 1693, the Heidelberg Castle was only partially restored. The castle ruins made of red Neckar valley sandstone rises 80 meters above the Neckar on the northern slope of the Königstuhl and from there dominates the vista of the old town. The palatial buildings of the castle are among the most important German buildings of the Renaissance. Today, around 1 million tourists visit the former castle grounds each year.

The castle illuminations that take place several times a year and the summer Heidelberg Castle Festival belong to the cultural highlights of the city of Heidelberg.

Opening hours:

Palace Courtyard and Giant Barrel, daily 08.00 am to 05.30 pm
Palace: viewing only possible as part of guided tours.

Guided Tours daily on demand in German and English; other languages by prior arrangement. Guided tours for groups by prior arrangement.

German Apothecary Museum (Deutsches Apothekenmuseum)
April to October: 10.15 am to 06.00 pm
November to March: 10.00 am to 05.30 pm

Permenent Exhibitions (Romantic and Middleage-Exhibition)
Daily 09.30 am to 05.30 pm, can only be visited with tickets for the palace

Schloss Heidelberg
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Further information concerning Heidelberg Palace, guided tours and admission fees can be found at: www.schloss-heidelberg.de (English version)