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The Esslinger Burg

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The castle in Esslingen.

The Esslinger Burg was a part of the former city walls and never the seat of a noble family. The mighty big tower is called "Dicker Turm" and is a landmark of Esslingen. This part of the city fortification was build up the hillside. Therefore the castle prevented Esslingen against a possible enemy from taking advantage of the favourable attacking position.

The High Watch Tower is called the "Hochwacht" and the origin reach back to the 14th century. The mighty Big Tower (Dicker Turm) was built in the 16th century. From the castle you'll have a breath-taking view of the medieval district and the central Neckar Valley.
Once a medieval fortress, the Esslingen castle has become a popular recreation destination. During the summer music concerts and the Open-Air-Cinema are held here.

Esslingen castle

Dicker Turm" (Big Tower)

High Watch Tower and Big Tower